And then it happens…

Well friends, it has been quite the month. For those of you that are family/friends/social media followers, this will not be of shock to you, but it must be documented properly!

Remember that tentative complacency I mentioned that sets in as the halfway point rolls through in the season? Yeah, that’s over.

photo 1I guess it was about two weeks ago or so that this all went down… I went to the game, as usual, and proceeded to the ‘waiting room’ area after the game (beautiful sky picture from the game). Daniel pitched the night before and did pretty well, so the next day is always a good laid back feeling.

As guys began to exit the locker room, I noticed a couple smirky smiles and fist bumps (I don’t know about y’all, but if you travel with your man, the guys don’t notice you anymore after a while for the most part). I got a little suspicious that something was up when one of the players said “just wait until you hear.”

I can’t really explain what it felt like besides a really dramatic sinking feeling and a ton of anxiety. Did we get traded? Surely not at his level. Did he get moved down? Up? Injured during conditioning or throwing? I had no idea.

As I slightly hyperventilated thinking about what this meant, a million things went through my head. Packing, calling and canceling memberships and plans and not to mention how I was going to get wherever he was going. There was a lot of sudden stress.

I was extremely blessed to have one of the guy’s girlfriends there who has developed into a pretty close friend to calm me down and assure me whatever it was would work out.

Once I got over that, my focus was on tempering my reaction for when Daniel came out of the doors. I wanted to look extremely excited and unafraid of what was to come. I would assure him that I would be fine and that my priority was getting him to the airport.

I can tell you I wasn’t expecting a promotion. The excitement on his face was second-to-none. We called and spoke to excited parents, all slightly groggy due to the late hour, and attempted to pack at least some of our apartment before it got too late.

We didn’t sleep a wink that night. Well at least I know I didn’t. He got about two hours before the alarm went off at 3:50 a.m.

I laid awake the entire night. I kept sneaking away or hiding my phone under the covers to check the Kayak app for flights and rental cars while pondering what the next week would hold. That, combined with other factors, had me wondering if I would be able to go be with him at all.

When I dropped him and the other player off at the airport at a beautiful 4:25 a.m. I didn’t know when I would see him again, but I hardly shed any tears. I was in the zone. I felt empowered to make the move happen. God put this on our plate and I wanted to rise to the challenge.

I have tried to make a habit of praying about stressful situations before I try to sort them out myself. I prayed so many times once we found out and the next morning about trusting God despite what happened. Trusting in a perfect plan that knew better about what I needed than I did.

When I got home from the airport I made some calls and got my flights sorted out. Apparently, booking flights at 4:45 a.m. on a Tuesday is pretty good for fares. It always works out where you make plans and book flights the week of a change, right? I finally fell pray to the whole “ehhh I don’t need this travel insurance” thing. I ate my own words on that one.

Anyways, I played with some dates based on his game schedule over the next couple weeks. You may not believe me, but the cheapest fare I could find was for Thursday…. as in two days later. So, naturally, this girl, currently ‘on fire,’ went to work.

After a brief two-hour cat nap, I got up and started packing the place amidst calls to cancel memberships and texts with our landlords about the crazy situation. I had a great friend from the semi-pro team come help me pack the car and keep me calm amidst the chaos (she was a lifesaver!).

photo 2

At around 2 p.m. I hit the road for Nashville with a packed car and Jimmy Johns. I didn’t stop the car the entire 7 hours until I got there and met up with another dear baseball girlfriend whose boyfriend played with Daniel in South Bend. If you haven’t noticed a trend thus far, the ladies I have met throughout this experience made this crazy move possible for us!

I stayed at her awesome apartment that night and got up early for the last leg of my trip to LaGrange, GA. I got to stop outside of Atlanta and see a player from my club team who happened to be in town.  I can’t explain how good it felt to be in Atlanta, even if on the outskirts. To be honest, just pulling into the “South” was an amazing feeling. It was a little reminder from God that there is a place where I will feel at home despite all the craziness in our life together.

Once I rolled into my in-laws house, there was an unmatched feeling of relief.


The rest of that night was spent eating some home cooking and unpacking our lives, yet again, to their closets and attic. The next morning I woke up, ran, and went to the airport yet again. My flight plan took me Atlanta to Charlotte and Charlotte to San Francisco.

My weekend in San Francisco deserves a separate post, as I had an awesome time with my brother and sister-in-law and their awesome dog, Nala. In case that doesn’t happen right away, I will spoil that I did make it successfully to Visalia and we are settled in (as much as you can be I guess).

God continues to bless us every single day and taking us on a wild journey. The transition from the Midwest League (Low A) to the California League (High A) is pretty brutal. It is a hitters league here and is known as a “pitcher-killer.” It has definitely been a learning curve, but Daniel continues to work hard to improve every day and give his team a chance to win every time he steps on the mound. He is such an inspiration to me.


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One response to “And then it happens…

  1. Prayers will continue to be submitted on both of your futures. Tell Daniel to keep smoking them batters. Good news is always good to hear.

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