It’s never ‘just another game’…

Minor league baseball is a bit of a whirlwind. I can say that as I begin my fourth month of the full-time baseball life, it is hard not to get lost in game after game, night after night.

A rhythm develops in your daily routine. Days of the week run together and you maintain a certain comfort level. And then, typically as a game ends and the guys come out of the locker room, everything changes. Trades, transfers and releases are an unavoidable aspect of minor league baseball.

As I watch this happen time and time again, I wake up from the lull every time. There is no feeling like learning that someone has moved from another team, triggering a move across the system.

This is especially complicated if you learn that the guy who is moving plays the same position as your husband. It’s a jarring feeling that I am sure other ladies in the system understand. Sometimes the excitement to hear the news is good, but other times you don’t know if the changes will mean a move up or a move down, which is extremely stressful.

Releases are even harder than moves. It is emotional to see a guy walk out of the double doors with his bags. I can’t imagine the feeling as I will never personally experience it, but I know it must be heartbreaking. Think about it though: you finish a game, shower and then you’re called into the office and told that you no longer have a job. Despite how it actually works, it must be awful.

Some of my friend’s husbands have experienced this pain. I have listened to the ladies as they express their grief for the men and fear of the unknown. I completely understand that we all sign up for this and it’s all apart of the game,” but the reality of the situation doesn’t change how much it hurts.

I write about this topic fully aware that one day it may be us. One day it may be my husband that walks out with his bags. I hope it isn’t, but the reality is that success is fleeting. Each day I must make a conscious effort to be mindful that this game could be his last.

It is a test of where your value lies. Our lives will not end when baseball does. I don’t know how I will react if it ever happens to us, but God has a plan for our lives that is so much bigger for baseball. I want to encourage all the ladies reading this to be strong for your men if you ever experience a move or a release. God is in control — nothing surprises Him.

And while baseball may seem like your whole world, the big picture reveals that it is just a tiny blip on the radar of your life.

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4 responses to “It’s never ‘just another game’…

  1. Another great one, Chelsea!! So true! Such a good thought. A trade or some sort of change is expected at some point. Trusting in Gods plan is a true test!!

  2. Just caught up on your blog (awesome, btw). Wow. Indiana?! So happy there’s movement…do you know what’s in store? How are you? P.S. I’m fully aware that it’s inappropriate to ask all this in a “reply” field. MeetuinSanDiego:). Sonia (ACVB)

    • Wow, sorry I missed this for so long!! Indiana is fabulous! We are really enjoying baseball. We are definitely not Midwest people though.. our hearts are in the South!

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