Putting fear in the rear view mirror…

The car is packed and loaded down. Today we begin a 30-hour road trip. But, I would be amiss to skip over the recent happenings here in Scottsdale.

My silence in the last few days is definitely not reflective of an uneventful week — we have had plenty of things going on here. Between me starting work again and Daniel having meetings almost every night after games, we have been busy.

photo 6I went hiking last weekend with my new friends. It was quite an experience! We didn’t make it to the top, but got some pretty good views of Phoenix and Scottsdale.

8If any of you have ever been to this area you may have heard of Camelback Mountain. Apparently this wasn’t one of the harder trails, but I was a still a little nervous. I didn’t know the other girls’ fitness levels and didn’t want them to leave me in the dust while I was hyperventilating. I am not much of an outdoor person when it comes to bugs, snakes and scorpions.

All turned out well when I realized the other girls were making comments about a specific section being steep or seeming a little treacherous. We were all in the same boat.

photo 1The other girls wanted to stop, so Casey and I decided to keep going to make it to #20 on the trail, as she had only ever been to #19 (all the stopping points are marked with numbers). Well, we found out about 20 minutes later that they stop counting at #19. Even though we went on a wild goose chase for the #20, we got some great views at what they call the “saddle” of the mountain.

10 Overall, it was a fun and we burned a lot of calories! The best part was when we would stop to get a sip of water or take a breather, it never failed that some four-year-old  would come galloping by looking completely unfazed.

Nothing says you need to get to the gym like a little girl in light up shoes or an old grandma with a cane jogging past you on the trail. Really does a number on the self-confidence. I am still proud I went.

This week has been filled with speculation. If I don’t do enough of it in my head, my network of wives and fiancées makes for the perfect storm. We’re constantly texting each other with ‘I heard this’ and ‘So-and-so told me that.’ When I take a step away, I realize how foolish it is. None of our speculating will change anything. I think it just feels better to talk about it rather than sit around silently thinking about it.

We continued speculating until yesterday morning, when they posted the rosters. Apparently, I can’t say where we’re going until we’re there and the rosters are posted online, so I won’t.

We spent all last night packing the car and cleaning the apartment. Even after six boxes of our stuff sent home, the car is still full. I can’t tell you how many times we said, “How did we get all this stuff here?” It is really disappointing that we didn’t take pictures to chronicle just how crazy our car looked when we got here from Atlanta.

We also potentially have the largest collection of space bags in history– still to be verified. We definitely learned that in this life, you can’t bring everything. There’s no ‘just in case our place isn’t furnished.’ It just doesn’t happen.

In this life, you’re going to have to live with host parents, stay in apartments built onto random people’s houses and let other people help you. You have to leave your pride and expectations at the door and understand that there is plenty of life ahead to settle down and fit the mold.

They scheduled a game today and D is pitching. As soon as he walks out of the locker room, us and our five-car caravan will hit the road. Maybe Albuquerque or Amarillo tonight — who knows.

This is our first Easter away from family. Even when I was away from my parents when we weren’t married, his family adopted me and the rest is history. Despite the lack of egg hunting and family dinner, there is no circumstance that can change Christ’s resurrection. His love is abundant and His grace is enough — never forget that.

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6 responses to “Putting fear in the rear view mirror…

  1. Amen for Easter.

    Keep talking it out with the others, biblically, there is wisdom in the counsel of other believers.

  2. Fear is constantly on my mind right now while thinking of the 32 hour drive I have in order to stay with my boyfriend in Florida for the first time this season! I am constantly worrying about breaking down, getting a flat tire, etc. I guess it is time to pray and hope for the best for the both of us! Safe travels!

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