Have bags, will travel…

photo 1I attend a wives bible study in Scottsdale Friday mornings during Spring Training. Two weeks ago, the ladies told me about this women’s luncheon they have every year, hosted by Baseball Chapel, PAO (Pro Athletes Outreach) and UPI (Unlimited Potential, Inc.).

I registered to go simply because I was excited about the opportunity to hang out with other women in the same position as me. I can honestly say I never expected for this day to have such an impact on the way I perceive our situation.

We had a great keynote speaker whose husband played for many years and her zinger line was “get over it.” She wanted us to understand that there are negative situations that come in life, but you have to forgive, forget and move forward. Emotional maturity had to be developed to cope with the uncertainty of the lifestyle we choose to live.

After lunch, we were told there were three breakout sessions and I chose “Have bags, will travel.” Appropriate, right? To be honest, I was hoping for tips and tricks for moving and constantly having your bags packed for the next trip, but I wasn’t even close.

When she stood up at the beginning of the session she said she had no interest in talking to us about what we pack in our suitcases, but rather the labels that we wear as women. Wait, what? I immediately think we were going to start an attack on the female obsession with luxury designers and shallow materialism.

She then tears a black trash bag from an unknown item and reveals an old, worn out suitcase. She said “We know this thing goes with us everywhere and sometimes it becomes more than just something to put your clothes in. Your suitcase can be your friend or enemy. Our identity is portrayed by the look of our suitcase.” I was intrigued.

She then opened up the suitcase and I saw several baseballs with words written on them. She paused and said “change isn’t easy.” For some reason, those words cued the tears in my eyes and I knew that God was going to work over the next 40 minutes. And he did.

As she went through these words I couldn’t help connect with each one: overwhelmed, anger, fear, inadequacy, jealousy. She explained that we wear these labels on our shoulders whether we realize it or not.

She moved on and asked us several questions about what we’re carrying with us and what our real destination is. She hit on the topic of security and how a house and secure location will not do it. Our security must come from Christ because He never makes mistakes. Your next destination is not a surprise to God.

And I stopped. Our destination is not a surprise to Him. I have followed Christ for a while now and have heard He is all-knowing a million times. For some reason, in this moment, it made me stop.

I don’t know if this ever happens to y’all, but I feel like you can allude to a concept a million times, but there is something about when it is outlined in black and white. One definitive statement with no way to misinterpret.

He knows where we’re going. The coaches aren’t going to make a decision that surprises Him.

God is in the business of gluing the pieces together in the crazy puzzle of your life. So despite the fact that we still sit and wait to see his name on one of the rosters, the author of creation has already written the words on the pages of our life. He controls the happenings of our life based on the multiplication of our good and His glory.

She was extremely eloquent in her words and delivery. I couldn’t hold back the tears at a couple junctures as she basically defined what was in my heart word-for-word. She concluded with “Let the master designer of your life define you, not baseball.”

She’s right. Minor league baseball is something we are blessed to do, not who we are. If your identity is in Jesus Christ, the ups and downs aren’t so dramatic. You have a rock that is always steady.

We still don’t know where we will be driving Saturday, but I will be honest that we have a decent idea. But, as in all things, you can’t rely on random tips or rumors, you wait until it is on paper and even then — you don’t know. So we wait. Word on the street is that they will tell us Friday, but if last year is the trendsetter, it will be Saturday (the day of the trip).

God is so faithful and a living situation came through this morning in the probable location. We took off running once He gave us the word in January and he has continually laid every step of our path.

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4 responses to “Have bags, will travel…

  1. Great Post.

    C.S. Lewis once remarked that if we had a huge piece of paper and listed in a timeline evry life that had ever, or will ever exist on the paper; God would be the piece of paper.
    Hebrews states that He is the author and perfecter of our lives.
    He knows where you will be and where you will go, doesn’t every author know what the outcome is for their characters?

  2. Chelsea, I really enjoy your blog, hearing about the adventure that God has prepared for Daniel and you! You are in our prayers as you are waiting to find out where God’s plan is for you to be next and in the future! Love you guys!!

  3. Chelsea, you and Daniel are in my thoughts and prayers as you make this journey. I wish you both the best as decisions that affect your future are made this week. Good luck and keep writing. I’ve really enjoyed your blog.

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